Student thesis topics

Status: 16.09.2022
Name Advisor Type
Space-based Solar Power Gawlick (in cooperation with esa) MA

Optimization of conceptual design and operational strategy of battery energy storage systems in combination with other innovative technologies for utility-scale PV powerplants.

Peric (extern) MA
Potenzialanalyse Pelletmarkt in Bayern (in Kooperation mit Energie Südbayern GmbH) Hamacher/Candas MA
Datenerhebung im Bereich Wärme (in Kooperation mit Energie Südbayern GmbH) Candas FP
Wärmeversorgung mit Einzellösungen in Gebäuden (in Kooperation mit Energie Südbayern GmbH) Candas MA
Automatisierte Planung von Wärmenetzen (in Kooperation mit Energie Südbayern GmbH) Candas MA
Natural Gas Reserves in Latin America Godoy Int.
Entwicklung eines Modellframeworks für die wasserstoffbasierte Wärmeversorgung in Quartieren (in Kooperation mit Thüga AG) Candas MA
Software development for an automated communal energy planning tool Candas IDP
Ontology Enhancement in the Field of Energy System Modelling Baecker MA, IDP, FP, Int. 
Die Rolle der Kernfusion in einer nachhaltigen europäischen Energieversorgung unter Berücksichtigung von P2H2 and P2Heat Technologien Kerekes, Breuning MA
Sustainable energy system development in Bosnia and Herzegovina Kerekes MA
Modellierung einer europäischen Wasserstoffversorgungsinfrastruktur für ausgewählte Versorgungsszenarien unter Verwendung von Open-Source-Informationen Breuning MA
Optimization of final energy demand in Europe Kerekes MA
Documentation of a Vertical Farming Box Kleeberger FP, Int.
Global Potential of Renewable Energies Buchenberg MA, IDP, Int, FP
CFD simulation and optimization within the framework Ansys optiSLang Halilovic FP, Int.
Migration of the problem-building library of the energy system modelling framework urbs for runtime and memory benefits Candas IDP
Building Climate Modeling Greentower Liedl MA
TUM Hyperloop Levitation and Guidance System Control Felix Hsu (TUM Hyperloop) BA, MA, SA
Modeling food security on a regional scale against big disruptions Bazan MA
Analysis of an off-grid microgrid project for electrification in Namibia with Hardware in the loop (HIL) simulation Pant MA
Heat demand assessment of Bavaria with a synthesized database for residential buildings Candas / Molar-Cruz MA
Heat demand assessment of Bavaria with a synthesized database for non-residential buildings Candas / Molar-Cruz MA

Legend: BA = Bachelor thesis, MA = Master thesis, IDP = Interdisciplinary project (Department of Informatics, further information), Int = Internship, FP = Forschungspraxis

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