Student thesis topics

Status: 26.09.2023
Name Advisor Type

Comparative LCA study of Lettuce production in Open field and Greenhouses: A cradle to Gate approach in Germany

Elyasi MA

Techno-Economic Assessment of Biological Biogas Upgrading Based on German Biogas Plants

Elyasi MA
Implementation of Grid Ancillary Services in CoSES PHIL Lab Facility Pant MA
Modellierung repräsentativer Verteilnetze im Kontext der Energiewende Baecker MA
Conceptualization and Development of a Graphical User Interface for Energy System Modeling Results within a Research Project Baecker FP/Int
Development and impact assessment of trading strategies for local energy markets Döpfert MA
Assessing the impact of forecast accuracy on market clearing outcomes in local energy markets Döpfert MA
Redesign and Modeling of a Water Wheel for Decentralized Electrification in Rural Areas in Developing Countries Erhart FP
Automatized Optimization of Urban Energy Systems Buchenberg MA
Peak Load Technologies for Geothermal Heat Supply Systems Buchenberg MA
Modeling the Role of Hydrogen in the Latin American Electricity System: Assessing Feasibility and Impact Cadavid MA
Cooper and chemical industry sites Kerekes FP
Web crawler and chemical industry sites Kerekes FP
Developing circular economy models for urban farming Elyasi MA
Sustainability of biogas upgrading technologies Elyasi MA
Die Rolle der Kernfusion in einer nachhaltigen europäischen Energieversorgung unter Berücksichtigung von P2H2 and P2Heat Technologien Kerekes, Breuning MA
Modellierung einer europäischen Wasserstoffversorgungsinfrastruktur für ausgewählte Versorgungsszenarien unter Verwendung von Open-Source-Informationen Breuning MA
Documentation of a Vertical Farming Box Kleeberger FP, Int.
Building Climate Modeling Greentower Liedl MA
TUM Hyperloop Levitation and Guidance System Control Felix Hsu (TUM Hyperloop) BA, MA, SA
Modeling food security on a regional scale against big disruptions Bazan MA

Legend: BA = Bachelor thesis, MA = Master thesis, IDP = Interdisciplinary project (Department of Informatics, further information), Int = Internship, FP = Forschungspraxis

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