Kopernikus - P2X

Partners More than 70 Institutions from Research and Industry
Funding Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
Duration September 2016 to February 2023
Contact M.Sc. Julia Gawlick, M.Sc. Andrea Cadavid

Overview of the research project Kopernikus - P2X 2nd phase

As part of the energy transition, the BMBF is funding three follow up projects as part of the Kopernikus projects. As in the frist phase, the NES is part of the P2X project. This deals with the question, which kind of electricity storage from renewable energies is favourable. Several possibilities like the storage of electricity in liquids (PtL), in gas (PtG) or the decarbonisation of chemical raw materials are examined. The contribution of the ENS on the one hand is the life cycle assessment (LCA) according to ISO14040 of the PEM electrolysis in cluster A1. In addition, the ENS is involved in the roadmapping process. The aim of the roadmap is to ensure comparability of cluster-specific results within the project. One component of this is a cross-cluster consistency of premises. In particular, the ENS provides an energy model in which the individual P2X technologies are integrated. This makes it easy to simulate predefined scenarios transparently over the entire project period. The regional focus for project phase 2 is Europe. The P2X project is planned for a total duration of 3 funding phases.