open_MODEX – Model experiment to compare and determine synergy potentials of open-source frameworks in energy system analysis

Partners Reiner Lemoine Institut
RWTH Aachen
TU Berlin
Europa-Universität Flensburg
Technical University of Denmark
Funding Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)
Duration January 2019 to December 2021
Contact M.Sc. Soner Candas


Within the project open_MODEX, five open-source frameworks for energy system analysis are examined and compared. The goal of the project is to emphasize strengths and weaknesses of the frameworks as well as analyzation of similarities, differences and possible synergies. This should enable future modelers to easily choose a framework for their  research question.

The following five open-source frameworks will be compared:

The Chair of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems is represented with its own developed framework urbs.

After having a closer look into the current stage of each framework, all frameworks will be compared in detail and tested with a standardized modeling task. A scenario analyzation will be done for all frameworks to equally compare their results. In doing so, differences and specialties in working with the frameworks will be a focus as well as how new users can easily be introduced and guided to use the framework.

Next to the comparison of mathematical description with respect to usage and results in case of equal input data, the frameworks will also be compared regarding development and improvement. Hence, parallel development of different open-source frameworks can be reduced and frameworks can be provided to a broader community. This increases transparency and robust solutions.

All input data and results from the open_MODEX project will be published under open licenses as far as possible and therefore can be used in other projects.