Main Seminar on Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems (Advanced seminar)

Lecturer (assistant)
Duration3 SWS
TermSommersemester 2024
Language of instructionGerman
DatesSee TUMonline


After completion of the module, the students are able to process in a scientific way a task in the field of renewable and sustainable energy systems, to present the results in front of a professional audience and to manage the critical discussion the results.


The module participants independently process recent scientific articles on current topics in the field of renewable and sustainable energy systems. They will be supported by assigned research assistants. The results are presented in an oral presentation. A list of topics is provided at the beginning of the semester on the homepage of the chair.


- Basic knowledge of energy systems and the energy economy - Basic knowledge of scientific work and presentation skills

Teaching and learning methods

Each module participant works on an individual task indepently. Each module participant is assigned to a dedicated supervisor (research assistant). The supervisor provides assistance by helping to find appropriate basic literature in the beginning, encouraging to search for additional references and providing information on scientific work in general as well as on the presentation of the results in particular.


The examination is in a form of a scientific preparation with discussions. The preparation consists of a written part in form of a paper (typically 5 pages) (40%) and of a 20-minutes presentation followed by 5 minutes discussion (40%). By the means of the exam students proof their ability to summarize and present e.g. the scientific state of the art, a new idea or an existing approach to renewable and sustainable energy systems. In the regular discussions with the supervisor, the progress of the work and the further procedure are evaluated (20%).

Recommended literature

In consultation with the assigned supervisor, a list of relevant literature will be developed depending on the specific topic