Project Lab Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems ()

Lecturer (assistant)
Duration4 SWS
TermSommersemester 2024
Language of instructionGerman
DatesSee TUMonline


After completion of the module, the student should be able to: - recognize the issues related to the integration of renewable energies, - apply suitable instruments (e.g. measuring gear) and methods (e.g. control algorithms), - develop and implement solutions for renewable energy systems.


The project laboratory consists of practical tasks. The subjects cover the current research topics at the institute, such as: - Island-grids - (smart) micro-grids - Technologies for the conversion of renewable energies - Renewable energy potential studies - Modeling, simulation, and control of power systems


Basic knowledge about: - Power systems - Renewable energies (potentials, technologies) - Matlab / Simulink

Teaching and learning methods

Project tasks will be conducted individually or in teams of 2-3 students. This will be an opportunity for them to improve soft-skills such as self-reliance / team-work. Depending on the project subject, a literature research might be necessary in the beginning. However, the main part of the project is the execution of technical experiments in the lab or the computer-aided development of solutions. Participants have the possibility at the end to practice preparing and delivering a presentation.


The essential aspects of the work within the framework of the project internship (e.g. essential scientific contents, the treatment of a task as a completed project, division of the task among the group members) should be documented in a written report (volume: 15-20 pages). In a supplementary presentation, the competence of the students to present their work in a structured way in a small seminar in front of an audience consisting of staff members of the chair and students will be examined. Overall, competencies in project work in the team as well as in documentation and presentation of the work should be demonstrated. The report is included in the grade with 40 %, the presentation and the cooperation in the team with 30%.