Heat2Q - Energetic neighborhood optimization with detailed mapping of the heat sector


Chair of Energy Systems, TUM (Prof. Dr. Spliethoff)

Energiewende Garching GmBH & Co. KG


GEF Ingenieur AG


Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy


Feburary 2022 to January 2026


Leonhard Odersky

Overview of the research project Heat2Q

In the course of the Heat2Q research project, innovative and practical instruments for the energy transition are being developed and tested in practice in close cooperation between research and private-sector companies. The focus here is on improving the representation quality of the heat supply in energy system planning, in order to account for the key role of the heating sector in the sustainable transformation of the energy supply to greenhouse gas-neutral systems. For this purpose, in addition to the heating sector, the electricity and mobility sectors are also modeled in a detailed sector-coupled energy system optimization at the quarter level, and the model extensions and functions required for an increased modeling quality are developed and implemented. The developed optimization framework will be tested and validated on the basis of different real-world use cases. The programmatic intention is to ensure realistic chances for a timely transfer into practice through a user-oriented design and the direct involvement of industry partners. In this way, both the effectiveness and efficiency as well as the acceptance and relevance of the development of holistic energy concepts are sustainably improved.