ETSAP-D – German Scientific Support for the Collaboration Programme on Energy Technology Systems Analysis

Project coordination Institute of Energy Economics and Rational Energy Use (IER), University of Stuttgart (PD Dr.-Ing. Markus Blesl)

Chair of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems (ENS), Technical University of Munich (Prof. Dr. Thomas Hamacher)

Institute of Energy and Climate Research, Techno-economic Systems Analysis (IEK-3), Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH (Dr. –Ing. Heidi U. Heinrichs)

Funding Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)
Duration January 2021 to December 2022
Contact M.Sc. Thushara Addanki

Overview of the research project ETSAP-D

Due to the increasing interactions between the energy sectors and the associated growing complexity, model-based analyzes of the energy system continue to gain in importance. The project aims to scientifically support the IEA Technology Collaboration Program on Energy Technology Systems Analysis (ETSAP TCP) by making contributions to emission-free energy sources, the improved modeling of renewable energies, the further development and maintenance of the technology database (E-TechDB), the further development of TIMES[a]  towards an open source data sets. Another important work goal is the generation of global, greenhouse gas-neutral scenarios, which are a core element of the new ETSAP Annex. Furthermore, through a series of workshops, it is intended to contribute to the discussion of the results of the research work.

Within this project, the goal of ENS is to develop a significantly improved representation of renewable resources around the world, which can then be used in energy models. The consideration of the competition between hydrogen, synthetic fuels and electricity is another focus. A combination of life cycle analyzes and the global production of synthetic fuels are to be evaluated as part of that. As electricity is increasingly being used as a means of intercontinental energy transport, an embedding in a global energy model is planned in order to understand the competition correctly.