Research cluster "Sector coupling und Microgrids (STROM)" – Subproject 3: Decentralized Energy Supply and the Regulatory Environment


Bayernwerk, Stadtwerke Rosenheim 

Funding Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Wirtschaft, Landesentwicklung & Energie
Duration April 2021 until September 2024
Contact Markus Döpfert, M.Sc. 

Research cluster "Sector coupling und Microgrids (STROM)"

The project “Energy – Sector Coupling and Microgrids”, in short “STROM”, develops technical, organizational, planning and regulatory solutions to advance the energy transition. Taking the entire energy system into account, methods are developed that best incorporate the existing infrastructure into the integrated planning of energy supply structures. This approach results in maximum CO2 savings and a further penetration of fluctuating renewable energy systems.

Subproject 3: Decentralized Energy Supply and the Regulatory Environment

The goal of the subproject is to investigate different price incentives and their influence on the energy system and on the economic viability of different energy solutions. The focus will be on local energy and flexibility markets, as studies indicate that time-of-use incentives do not work to the desired extent. In addition to the development of these local markets, the regulatory system for the energy sector will be evaluated (e.g., restructuring the network tariff system). For the evaluation of new market designs and regulations, an agent-based modelling tool will be developed, which is based on tools that were already developed at the chair. This tool will be able to compare different market designs, incentive, levy, and subsidy mechanisms and evaluate their effectiveness. The overall goal is to derive a comprehensive market design, which allows a cost-effective maximum expansion of renewable energies while keeping the expansion of grid infrastructure at a minimum