Seminar topics for the upcoming summer semester 2024 are now online.

ProPENS topics are now online.

New job offers available in the research group applied optimization

Write your Bachelor's thesis, Master's thesis or interdisciplinary project at the Chair of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems.

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Ilka Knigge und Johanna Zach vom Bayerischen Rundfunk haben Ende September 2021 unseren wissenschaftlichen Mitarbeiter Stephan Baur besucht und mit ihm als Experten ein Interview zum Thema „Mini-Photovoltaikanlagen für den Balkon“ geführt. Der kurze Filmbeitrag für die Reihe #deinklimaprojekt von…

ProPENS topics are now online.

We have uploaded the topics for the seminars in the upcoming winter semester.

Following two master's thesis topics have been recently available: 1) Expansion of pyGreta to Biomass energy 2) Development of correction factors in pyGreta for the better representation of small-scale effects In case you are interested in either of these topics, please contact Thushara Addanki,…

We are looking for a new working student to work together with us on assisting in the research project STROM. See offer here.