Dr. rer.nat. Konrad Schönleber

Current company Deutsches Museum Munich, since April 2019
Time at the Chair 06/2016-03/2019
E-mail k.schoenleber@deutsches-museum.de
WWW www.deutsches-museum.de

Research interests

  • Development of simulation tools
  • Explaning the workings of the energy system
  • Dynamics of complex systems


  • Study of Physics at the Technial University of Munich
  • Diploma thesis at the Walter-Schottky-Institute titled: “Thermoelectric properties of thin films made from silicon- and germanium nano particles”
  • PhD Thesis at the group of „Non-equilibrium chemical physics“ of Prof. Krischer titled „Self-organization phenomena during the electrodissolution of silicon“
  • Postdoc at the Chair of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems at the Technical University of Munich


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