Solar-hydro microgrid installation in the Himalayas

Figure 1. TUM students and the pupils of Jamupani school.
Figure 2. Installation of PV-modules on the school roof.
Figure 3. Overview of the rooftop PV-modules.

In July 2019, a team of TUM students successfully installed a solar-hydro microgrid in the Himalayan Region of north-western India. The installation marks the culmination of a 2-year project to electrify the rural village of Jamupani and its governmental school of 50 pupils. A 2.3kWp solar-hydropower system was designed to be set up for the entire village, with the school as the primary consumer. A smart control system required for the safe and stable operation of the microgrid was designed to automate power flow and ensure the system is not overloaded. The school receives continuous power throughout the day and electricity is provided to the households and installed streetlights in the evening. To ensure sustainability of the installed micro-grid, 2 representatives of the village were trained to operate, troubleshoot and perform minor repairs in the micro-grid system. The system has been in uninterrupted operation from July 1st till date, and according to the villagers, neighbouring communities are now also planning to implement similar systems. This project was installed by two TUM students, with the help of The Further and Beyond Foundation, Anjithe Menjo and many dedicated volunteers and villagers. Project sponsors include Luminous Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Copprrod Industries, Mr. Harbs and donors of the online crowdfunding campaign.