CleanTechCampus Garching

Sector-coupled, intertemporal energy system optimization of mixed areas using the example of the Garching campus of the Technical University of Munich


With more than 15,000 students and 3,500 employees, the Garching campus of the TU Munich is already one of the largest university locations in Germany. If the rapid growth of recent years continues, a realignment of the energy supply will be necessary in the near future.



Against this background, an innovative energy concept is to be developed as part of the CleanTechCampus project, which realizes the integration of the existing and newly added building structure into a highly efficient supply and increasingly regenerative generation structure. A holistic approach is pursued in that the electricity, heating and cooling supply are not considered individually, as usual, but rather coupled.

Based on an analysis of historical consumption, simulations of large consumers and building complexes, electricity, heating and cooling demand scenarios for the Garching campus are created, taking into account various campus developments. A power generation system for the campus is to be planned and optimized through the further development of the cross-sector optimization tool urbs with the aim of optimally meeting the needs in terms of costs and reducing energy-related greenhouse gas emissions.

The iterative, interdisciplinary planning process and the open-source optimization software are published. The methods and tools required for this are developed in an interdisciplinary manner and can - together with the knowledge gained in the project - also be used to optimize other complex mixed areas.



Final Report

Guideline for sector-coupled energy optimization of districts


Closing event

Ways to a sustainable energy supply for the TUM campus in Garching (25th May 2021)

  • The TUM in transition - What role does sustainability play?
    Prof. Kramer - TUM Vice President Research and Innovation
  • Climate policy and the role of the university
    Prof. Schreurs - TUM Task Force Sustainability
  • Energy policy and research
    Prof. Messerer - Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy
  • CleanTechCampus Garching - Transformation paths of the energy supply (link)
    Prof. Spliethoff - Chair of Energy Systems, TUM
  • Experience and outlook from practice
    Mr. Schieh-Schneider - Building Management Campus Garching and Weihenstephan
  • Opportunities for the TUM and Bavaria
    Prof. Hamacher - Director Munich School of Engineering
  • Q&A



Benedikt Schweiger


Involved Partners

Chair of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems             

Center for Sustainable Building

Center for Applied Energy Research