Ongoing projects

Project Contact Head of Department
BioAdd Hendrik Mörtenkötter Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Fendt
BioCORE Dr.-Ing. Stephan Herrmann  
Bavarian Geothermal Alliance - Efficient and flexible Geothermal Power Production Florian Kaufmann Christopher Schifflechner
Bavarian Geothermal Alliance - Monitoring Christopher Schifflechner Christopher Schifflechner

CPC-HD: Physical processes of heat transfer after the boiling crisis (Post-CHF) at high pressure parameters

Laura Licht Moritz Westermeier

DECAGONE: Demonstrator of industrial carbon-free power generation from ORC-based waste-heat-to-energy-systems

  Christopher Schifflechner

ENGIMMONIA Project: Sustainable technologies for future long distance shipping towards complete decarbonisation

Amalia Stainchaouer Christopher Schifflechner

Bavarian Geothermal Alliance - Monitoring

  Christopher Schifflechner
GOLD Marcel Dossow Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Fendt

GreenNH3-Network  - Green ammonia synthesis using a plasma-catalytic plate reactor

Sebastian Bastek Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Fendt
H2 Living Laboratory Burghausen Vincent Dieterich Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Fendt

Heat2Q - Energetic neighborhood optimization with detailed mapping of the heat sector

Lennart Trentmann Benedikt Schweiger
OptiMaDyn - Optimisation of the Control Structures of Waste Incinerators through Dynamic Process Modelling and the Use of Innovative Monitoring Methods Moritz Westermeier Christopher Schifflechner
Optinox - Optimisation of Biomass Firing with the Aim of Reducing Nitrogen Oxide Emissions Gabriel Roeder Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Fendt
PyroGas II - Decentralized utilization of sewage sludge by pyrolysis and subsequent entrained-flow gasification for gas engine use Andreas Ewald Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Fendt
REDEFINE H2E - Future Lab   Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Fendt
ReGasFerm - Utilization of biogenic residues in a biorefinery concept via entrained flow gasification with coupled gas fermentation for the production of basic chemicals Philipp Leuter Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Fendt
SYNSOFC - Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Benjamin Steinrücken Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Fendt
STROM - Sektorkopplung und Micro-grids Jerry Lambert Benedikt Schweiger
TWIST – Fluidized Bed based Thermochemical Energy Storage for Industrial Applications and Power Generation Elija Talebi Florian Kerscher
VERENA - Gasification processes with intern integration of excess electricity for flexible power generation and production of synthetic energy sources from residues Sebastian Wilhelm Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Fendt