Student research projects

The Institute offers Masters and Diploma students the opportunity to conduct Student Research Projects.

You would like to write a thesis at the Institute?

Review the topics offered by us, and contact the supervisor.

Please bear in mind that general applications by email will only be answered in case the institute is highly interested in the application.

You have an idea of your own?

Consult our Projects page, and contact the employee responsible.

You would like to write an external thesis, and are looking for a supervisor?

To ensure optimal supervision, your thesis should normally be completed at the Institute for Energy Systems. External theses are only possible in special cases, and upon meeting all of the following criteria:

  • You have completed the seminars that apply to your thesis at the IES.
  • You have already completed a thesis at the IES, and received above-average marks.
  • The topic of your external thesis falls into a field of research at the IES. For theses that fall outside of our field of research, we cannot provide appropriate supervision and advice.

Should the above criteria be met, a possible supervision of an external thesis will be decided individually. In this case, please contact our student advisors (Ludwig Irrgang), who are available at the following times: Thursday 12:45-13:30. Should any of these criteria not be met, an external thesis at the IES will unfortunately not be possible. This generally excludes masters students who did not receive their bachelor at the TUM, as well as Erasmus and MSPE-students, from writing an external thesis.

You are interested in working on a project with a fellow student?

Masters theses that are marked with "[Team]" can also be completed with a partner as team bachelor or semester theses.