The Chair for Energy Systems offers its students an extensive academic program in the field of energy engineering, which includes lectures with corresponding tutorials, as well as laboratory courses, which serve to expand our students’ knowledge in their main areas of study. The courses we offer serve as the foundation for our major course of study, sustainable energy systems.

Furthermore, the Institute offers dedicated and interested students the opportunity to earn credit in the form of semester, bachelor, or masters theses. The institute also continually offers its students the opportunity for student jobs - further information can be found on the following web pages or in showcases in the foyer of the institute. If interested, the best course of action  is to report directly to the assistant responsible for the position in which you are interested. Part of the semesterly program at the institute is also the organization of events accompanying lectures, such as excursions or seminars, to which all are always cordially invited. Upcoming events and programs can be found in the current events section of the website.