Laboratory courses

The lab courses we offer, give our students the opportunity to gain practical insights into the various fields of energy technology. By means of experiments and site visits, students will be exposed to techniques, components and methods in the fields of power plant technology and regenerative energy.

The Institute for Energy Systems offers four different lab courses:

  • Renewable Energy Lab - In the framework of this internship, the focus is placed on regenerative energy. Methods of analysis and practical application are broken down step-by-step through a total of six innovative experiments.
  • MSPE Energy Systems Lab - Various topics from the field of power plant technology are presented. This internship is offered especially for MSPE students.
  • Power Plant Technology Lab - In the course of energy transition towards renewables, the flexibility of existing plants plays an important role. To address this point, the Institute for Energy Systems offers a new laboratory course entitled "Power Plant Technology: Simulation and Control".