Laboratory Course Energy Systems for MSPE

Various topics from the field of power plant technology will be presented through a total of six tests.

Those interested in the MSPE lab course must sign up on TUM-Online. Students who must only complete individual lab tasks should contact Johannes Haimerl at the institute directly.

At the course’s mandatory introductory meeting, Students will be split into groups, and lab topics will be assigned to those students that signed up for them. Those who signed up for the course’s waiting list should still be present at the meeting, as replacement positions will also be assigned.


The following experiments will be conducted by the students during the practical course:

  • Temperature measurement (application and comparison of various temperature measurement technologies)
  • Fuel analysis (laboratory analysis and preparation of fuels)
  • Gasification of biomass (experiments with lab-scale biomass gasifiers and determination of various reaction parameters)
  • Computer-aided process optimization (thermodynamic cycle analysis, thermodynamic optimization of a cyclic process using a computer)
  • CCPP simulator (simulation of various dynamic states of operation of a Combined Cycle Power Plant)
  • Solar thermal (measurement at a testing facility of the ZAE Bayern)

In every experiment a home assignment has to be written in a group of three students.

A 10-minute graded attestation will precede each experiment.

The course is held in English. Erasmus students are welcome.