Laboratory course power plant technology

In the course of energy transition towards renewables, the flexibility of existing plants plays an important role. To address this point, the Institute for Energy Systems offers a new laboratory course entitled "Power Plant Technology: Simulation and Control".


  • Importance of simulations for the operation, development and flexibility of modern power plants 
  • Introduction to simulations using the program Ebsilon and creating your own power plant models 
  • Operation of a commercial power plant simulator by SIEMENS 
  • Understanding the working principles of a power plant simulator (SIMIT / T3000)
  • Creating your own control sections within the power plant process
  • Implementation of a power plant controller (PLC control)
  • Site visit of the HKW Garching


  • Understanding the structure and processes of a combined cycle power plant
  • Creation and analysis of models with commercial software that is used at the institute
  • Knowledge about the process and control of start-up, shut-down and failure scenarios
  • Set-up of control structures


  • Laboratory course, 4 ECTS credits
  • 5 days of Block laboratory course
  • More information: TUMonline
  • Contact: Matías Fierro