Fierro, Matías, M.Sc.

Chair of Energy Systems
Boltzmannstrasse 15
85748 Garching

Zimmer: 3712

Telefon: (089) 289 16312
Fax: (089) 289 16271

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Further Publications

„Fierro M., Mayne G., Toledo M.
Second stage porous media burner for syngas enrichment
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 48 (2023) 19450-19458

„Fierro M., Carmona N., Toledo M.
Experimental analysis and performance of refinery fuel gas on lean and rich fuel-air premixed combustion
Energy Reports 9 (2023) 3096-3103

Fierro M., Gutierrez C., Jovicic V., Toledo M.
Hollow spheres as inert packed bed from lean to rich combustion in porous media
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 195 (2022) 123067

Fierro M., Requena P., Salgansky E., Toledo M.
Experimental Investigation of reverse flow porous medium reactor with premixed and non-premixed flames
Chemical Chemical Engineering Journal 425 (2021) 130178

Fierro M., Gutierrez C., Bubnovich V., Ripoll N., Toledo M.
Thermal effect of hollow spheres in a filtration combustion process
Applied Thermal Engineering 195 (2021) 117037