UnIndCha – Entwicklung einer universellen Ladestation

The range of electrically driven vehicles is limited by the battery capacity. Mobile inductive charging stations make it possible to charge the vehicle battery easily and wirelessly while on the move. As part of a research project on the design of inductive charging systems, we explored the possibilities for improving contactless energy transfer. For this purpose, the components were investigated in analytical and finite element simulations. The goal was to realize an interoperable charging station with the highest possible tolerance for the vehicle position.



For an inductive charging station to be used efficiently in public spaces, it must be interoperable with different vehicle coils (secondary sides). However, the two most common coil topologies (circular and double-D) produce two mutually incompatible magnetic fields when optimally positioned on top of each other. In addition, high efficiency for different vehicles (air gap) and parking tolerance must be guaranteed. At the same time, normative specifications must be observed.

Within the scope of the research project, solutions for the described requirements were developed by means of simulations and the construction of three prototypes. As a result, a 10 kW DDQ charging station was designed that can serve both bobbin topologies while meeting all specifications in normal position and at maximum offset.

Furthermore, research has been conducted on a methodology for designing interoperable charging stations that allows automated design, analysis, and evaluation of a circuit best suited for a given coil combination and for certain self-defined system requirements, including compensation devices.


This research project was funded by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology as part of the Bavarian funding program "Electromobility and Innovative Drive Technologies for Mobile Applications".

  •     Duration: November 2016 - January 2020
  •     Project sponsor: Bayern Innovativ GmbH
  •     Funding code: EMA-1511-0004


  • Denis Kraus