Design and operation of storage systems


Energy storage remains one of the most critical components of electric mobility. Numerous electrochemical, electrostatic and kinetic storage technologies exist with different operating behavior and highly varying characteristic values, especially in terms of energy and power density.


Depending on the requirements of the particular application, we design optimized storage systems and verify them on our test rigs. Where one storage technology is not sufficient to meet all requirements, we develop hybrid storage systems, for example consisting of batteries and double-layer capacitors (supercaps).


  • Market research of available technologies regarding relevant parameters.
  • Development of storage systems from one or more technologies.
  • Development of optimized operating strategies for dual storage systems, focusing on different target parameters depending on the requirements.
  • Verification on the test bench (see Fig. 1). Here, the storage system is simulated in the vehicle environment so that, for example, driving cycles can be reproduced. The picture shows a hybrid storage system (battery and double-layer capacitor).
  • We are also currently developing a modular and freely parameterizable battery simulator that electrically simulates the behavior of all cell types.