Operating strategy

Loss-optimized control methods (e.g. ASM method)

Established control methods are usually based on the principle of keeping the ratio of feeding voltage to frequency constant. However, taking into account the special properties of an electromechanical converter, higher efficiencies and thus more economical operation can be achieved by deviating from this principle. With the help of the single-loss test bench available to us at the Department of Energy Conversion Technology, we investigate the mutual influence of the inverter, the machine and the operating conditions and derive efficiency-optimized control methods from this.

Fault tolerant concepts

Fault-tolerant concepts play a decisive role, especially when used in mobile applications. For the special case of the machine stack consisting of several sub-machines, we consider various operating strategies. These include corresponding control concepts. We consider different failure cases and develop appropriate emergency strategies based on the given requirements in order to be able to guarantee the highest possible availability.