Projects carried out during WS 14/15

Heating System Management through Sensors-Actuators Network

Smart heating system for the seminar room N3815. The current room temperature Tcur is measured with wireless energy harvesting sensors and is set to a predefined user set point Tset (occupant's comfort depending) via controlling the valve state and hence the volumetric flow rate through the radiator. Temperature values are saved to the emoncms database on the net, so that historical room temperature values are stored for a predictive preheating.

Smart Devices - Washing Machine

Rebuilding of a washing machine from a normal German household into a "smart" washing machine. The smart device is able to control its performance so that it adapts to the available power of a connected photovoltaic (PV) system. The available PV power is retrieved from the emoncms database and evaluated with the Banana Pi. The required data is sent via UART to the microcontroller in the washing machine which controls the device power consumption through a dimmer.

PV Integration in Smart Home

Development of an energy management system to live monitor the 3kW PV system located on the roof top of the N8 building. Once the real-time data is retrieved, it will be used along with the weather forecast to predict the power production of the PV system for the next 24 hours using the Artificial Neural Networks algorithm. This prediction will be then corrected with a 5-minute to one-hour window using the Live Forecast method.