Welcome to the Institute for Energy Economy and Application Technology!

Climate protection and the energy transformation in Germany (“Energiewende”) demand an integrated analysis of energy production and its application. A holistic approach to energy systems such as electricity, natural gas, fuels, district heating and, in the future, hydrogen is necessary. Furthermore, higher energy efficiency and the integration of vast amounts of renewable energy require an increasing electrification and interconnection of all energy technologies, including the transport sector (electric mobility). Yet, this growing complexity must not result in lower reliability.

The Institute focuses on an empirically backed technology assessment as well as structural analyses and incorporates the results into comprehensive energy system models. A special competence is the carrying out of complex measurements in our lab and in field-tests, which are then used for system optimization. We develop robust and efficient technology solutions and systems that can adapt to changes in technical, economic, political and social requirements.

I would like to invite you to take a stroll around this website and discover our topics and projects. We look forward to your questions and comments!