Head of Institute
Goebel, Christoph; Prof. Dr. rer. pol. TUM - 28302
e-mail Room: N2811 Portrait
Team assistance
von der Lippe, Christine TUM - 28301
e-mail Room: N2813 Portrait
Permanent staff
Neuner, Sarah TUM - 28304
e-mail Room: N2814 Portrait
Winkelmayer, Marianne TUM - 23971
e-mail Room: N2818 No image
Scientific staff
Eichhorn, Sebastian; Dipl.-Ing. TUM - 28316
e-mail Room: N2808 Portrait
Kollnig, Elgin; M.Sc. TUM - 28320
e-mail Room: N2819 Portrait
Okoyomon, Ehimare TUM - 23943
e-mail Room: N2823 Portrait
Schneider, Annika; M.Sc. TUM - 28307
e-mail Room: N2803 Portrait
Zollner, Simon; M.Sc. TUM - 23972
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Scholarship holders
Ruiz de Vargas Staudacher, Jan Marco; B.Sc. TUM - 28314
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Honorary professors

Name Lecture Company
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Schurig Introduction in Lighting Engineering (WS)
Planning of Lighting Installations (SS)
Siemens AG

Visiting lecturers

Name Lecture Company
Dr. Anna Gruber Industrial Energy Economy FfE, Munich
Dr. Anika Neitz-Regett Ecomanagement and Life Cycle Analysis FfE, Munich
Dr. Hans Roth Applied Simulation and Optimisation in Energy Economics – Operation Research SWM Munich