InCharge 1.0 - Initial Steps

From a project that had initially lacked exposure, was well as team members, InCharge has been able to successfully emerge into the forefront of the current state of affairs. This evolution has resulted in this project being capable of not only taking up more tasks, but also set a higher bar than it initially did. A synergy between this determination of the team, as well as ample resources has led to the project being divided into multiple task forces contributing to the project their own unique shape and form. The task forces have been divided into the following work groups:

  • Hardware Layout
  • IT
  • GUI
  • Assembling
  • Testing and Documentation

A year of work under this hierarchy resulted in our current charging station; InCharge 1.0. This station, which has a performance that is on par with its counterparts in Europe, has enabled the team to gather knowledge regarding the use and catering of electric cars in coherence with an intelligent charging infrastructure. This knowledge was then used to analyze the consumer’s behavior, and help us engineer individual portfolios that cater the customer’s needs specifically, besides helping the electric grid wherever possible. Once this is realized, the charging station shall be successful in achieving the founding principle that brought it into existence to begin with.