InCharge - An Intelligent Charging Station

With the intension of helping students understand the different facets behind the topic of energy management, Prof. Dr. Hamacher and Dipl.-Ing. Jan Vincke began the student project ‘InCharge.’ This project team, consisting of students from multiple disciplines, is responsible for developing a smart charging station for electric vehicles (EV).

By developing such a concept, contemporary questions such as ‘Does electromobility even work?’ or ‘Is this even possible under current circumstances?’ shall be answered. This project shall also help bring competition within the respective markets.

The goal behind this project is to gather technical and economic data regarding the use of EV, as well as the catering of the EV market in coherence with an intelligent charging infrastructure. Furthermore, the manner in which this shall influence the consumer behavior, and vice versa shall be looked into as well. The data output shall then be used to understand the challenges that electromobility will possibly face regarding issues such as the public acceptance, energy grid and its load profile, or the integration of renewable energies in correspondence with this sector.

With the help of such data, elementary steps regarding the alternative mobility shall be made, and source data shall be provided for political and economic forecasts.