We would like to introduce the team and all the other persons who made this project possible.

First of all we would like to thank Prof. Dr. Hamacher and Dipl.-Ing. Jan Vincke, who initiated this project. Furthermore we would like to thank the whole staff at the chair as well as our former team members.

Former Members

Name Task Topic
Adithya Kumar Machavolu Student Assistant PR and HR
Anca Solacolu Bachelor’s Thesis Graphical User Interface
Andreas Fischer Master’s Thesis Optimization Algorithm
Andreas Schneider Student Assistant Software
Anja Fischer Project Study InCharge Businessplan
Anna Vannahme Research Internship Standards and Safety
Antonio Blancato Master’s Thesis Backend Communication
Arin Vinitchaykul Research Internship Optimization Algorithm
Artur Mrowca Project Internship Smartphone
Bo Wang Research Internship Testing for User-Friendliness
Christopher Willmann Bachelor’s Thesis Central Control Unit
Damian Mrowca Research Internship Smartphone
Gianfranco De Fabritiis Research Internship System Acceptance
Irina Boiarchuk Research Internship Battery Charging Curves
Julius Graupner Student Assistant Design
Korbinian Antwerpen Project Internship Measurements
Lam Dang Master’s Thesis Testing Environment for Charging Station
Lucia Birk Project Study InCharge Businessplan
Ludwig Bogner Bachelor’s Thesis Housing and Construcion
Maximilian Stiegler Bachelor’s Thesis Integration of a PV Module
Nishith Radheshyam Joshi Research Internship Plug Protection
Richard Raßhofer Student Assistant Hardware
Roman Sennefeler Research Internship PR and Business Aspects
Saad Jabri Research Internship Marketing InCharge
Simon Salvamoser Research Internship Ohmic Resistances
Stefan Seidl Project Internship Mainboard Layout
Timo Muntz Student Assistant PR and HR
Toby Barka Research Internship Graphical User Interface
Vinzenz Stauner Student Assistant Hardware, Layout, IEC 61851
Wei Zhang Research Internship CAN Data Logging
Willi Wittmann Engineering Practice Smart Meter
Yuanchen Zhang Master’s Thesis OCPP