Within the framework of the SOFCOM project, the ability to use Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs) as an efficient means of biomass generation in Combined Cooling, Heat, and Power facilities will be investigated. The focus of the project, however, lies in decentralized facilities for the use of locally produced biomass. This will first be gassed (various types of gasifiers will be used for this step), after which the gas will be progressively prepared for the fuel cell (purification of sulfur, tar, etc.), followed by implementation of the gas into the fuel cell, and finally, the CO2 from the anode exhaust will be concentrated for further processing. The additional extraction of CO2 out of the exhaust from the fuel cell thereby allows for a principally negative CO2 balance.

Parallel to the laboratory investigations, for the transformation of gas in the SOFCs, for example, the economical feasibility of the SOFCOM-approach will be investigated in two demonstration facilities, as well as in simulation models.

Contact: Stephan Herrmann