Decentralized exploitation of biomass-derived waste and residues by pyrolysis and subsequent entrained flow gasification for gas engine use (CHP)


Efficient and decentralized power and heat generation from biomass-derived waste and residual materials is only possible to a limited extent due to the unfavorable fuel properties. The PyroGas project is the investigation of a promising concept that combines pyrolysis and entrained-flow gasification on a pilot plant scale. Waste and residues pretreated by pyrolysis are converted into a product gas in an entrained flow gasifier. The product gas is then converted into power and heat using a gas engine. A special focus at the Chair of Energy Systems is on the fuel characterization of the pyrolysis coke and the optimization of the gasifier design based on experimental results. In addition, the concept of exhaust gas purification and phosphorus recovery is to be worked out.

Project goals

The main objective is to demonstrate the technical operation of an entrained flow gasifier with pyrolysis coke from waste and residual materials. The gasification of pyrolysis coke as well as the processing and motor use of the product gases are to be optimized through practical test series and the analysis of the obtained results. The basics for the technical design of a demonstration plant are to be developed.


The PyroGas project is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) as part of the "Energetic Biomass Use" funding program. The grant number of the project is 03KB158.

Project Partners

Völkl Motorentechnik GmbH


Andreas Ewald