Hydrogen technologies for a sustainable energy system

The aim of the course is to provide an in-depth understanding of the technologies required in a hydrogen-based energy and material system. First of all, the complex interactions within a strongly coupled energy and material system will be shown from a system perspective. This includes in particular the analysis of demand structures as well as the portfolio of applications and integration of hydrogen into already existing structures.
The focus of the event is to gain a detailed understanding of the available technologies for hydrogen production and use. Regarding hydrogen production technologies, the course will focus on both electrochemical and thermochemical processes. The entire spectrum of hydrogen production technologies from gray hydrogen to green hydrogen will be covered.
One important hydrogen utilization pathway is the production of sustainable fuels and basic chemicals. Through the sustainable supply of hydrogen, diverse carbon sources (biogenic residues, wastes, carbon point sources, ...) can be upgraded to synthesis gas, from which most basic chemicals and energy carriers can be produced. Thus, the lecture will also cover the main synthesis routes for hydrogen-based energy carriers and basic chemicals.
Furthermore, hydrogen plays an important role in various industrial applications (e.g. steel etc.). These applications will also be focused on in this lecture, as well as hydrogen storage and distribution.
Hydrogen and sustainable carbon sources thus are the key factors to close the carbon cycle in a 100% sustainable energy and material system.
Finally, current research activities in the field of hydrogen supply, utilization and integration into energy systems will be presented to provide a direct insight into the current research world.


  • Hydrogen from an energy system perspective
  • Hydrogen production (technologies)
  • Hydrogen and renewable energy carriers
  • Carbon recycling and circular economy
  • Hydrogen applications
  • Outlook and Vision

Dates and Information

Duration2 SWS
TermSommersemester 2024
Language of instructionGerman


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