Team Battery Management and Diagnostics (BMD)

The team Battery Management and Diagnostics deals with scientific issues related to the safe and efficient operation of batteries in various applications. Investigations are carried out at cell and compound levels to diagnose and predict relevant system states. The focus lies in evaluating and optimizing system performance and safety.

In the field of battery management, the following topics are addressed with the goal of optimized operation management:

  • Prediction of aging at cell and compound levels.
  • Evaluation of cell performance and safety
  • Evaluation of modifications of the operating strategy at cell and compound levels
  • Impact of electrical and thermal inhomogeneity in the system

Diagnostics topics include:

  • Estimation of (internal) states during operation.
  • Detection of electrical and thermal inhomogeneity in the system
  • Early detection and analysis osafety-critical conditions
  • Quantification of aging

Within the scope of these topics, the following methods are applied and further developed:

  • Analysis of impedance and BMS measurements
  • Development of alternative approaches for cell characterization
  • Degradation mode analysis
  • Electrical, thermal, and simplified electrochemical modeling
  • Targeted manipulation of the electrical and thermal boundary conditions of individual cells

Selected publications