Picture of Mathias Rehm

Mathias Rehm, M.Sc.

  • Studies of Physics at the Technical University of Munich (B.Sc. and M.Sc.)
  • Master thesis on "Design of a Battery System for Motor Sport Applications Considering Various Thermal Aspects"
  • Member of the TUfast Racing Team (04/2019 - 06/2021)
  • Bachelor thesis on investigations of cathode materials for future Na-ion batteries
  • Semester abroad at the University of Barcelona

Research interests
  • Lithium-ion batteries with silicon graphite diaphragm electrodes
  • Sodium-ion batteries
Team Affiliation

Team BMD



  • Julius Schmitt, Mathias Rehm, Alexander Karger, Andreas Jossen: Capacity and degradation mode estimation for lithium-ion batteries based on partial charging curves at different current rates. Journal of Energy Storage 59, 2023, 106517 more…
  • Mathias Rehm, Jakob Eberl, Hannah Bosch, Andreas Jossen: Determining the silicon content in silicon-graphite blend electrodes of lithium-ion batteries by applying the differential voltage analysis. Advanced Battery Power 2023 2023Aachen more…


  • Sebastian Ludwig, Ilya Zilberman, Andreas Oberbauer, Marcel Rogge, Marco Fischer, Mathias Rehm, Andreas Jossen: Adaptive method for sensorless temperature estimation over the lifetime of lithium-ion batteries. Journal of Power Sources 521, 2022, 230864 more…