Team Application and System Integration

Energy storage systems have a central role in future energy supply and mobility systems with numerous fields of application: large battery storage parks stabilize the grid and trade electricity, home storage systems enable the intermediate storage of photovoltaic power and electric vehicles can be used to stabilize the grid through vehicle-to-grid as well.

The goal of the team Application and System Integration is to investigate fundamental questions about system design, optimal operation, efficiency and aging of energy storage systems as a whole. For this purpose, we use methods of mathematical optimization, machine learning and various modelling approaches. The findings flow directly into our techno-economic and techno-ecological assessments. Through open-source code we make our comprehensive simulation and optimization tool landscape available to the public.

Topics covered:

  • Optimized system design and operation of energy storage systems
  • Consideration of various fields of application, e.g. home storage, microgrids, vehicle-to-grid and multi-use concepts
  • Optimized matching of applications and suitable battery cell types
  • Field data-based state estimation and state prediction
  • Battery aging modelling and aging aware battery operation
  • Life-cycle assessment, especially of stationary battery storage systems
  • Generation and characterization of battery usage profiles for different applications



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Selected publications

Aging aware operation of lithium-ion battery energy storage systems: A review

N. Collath, B. Tepe, S. Englberger, A. Jossen, H. Hesse




Optimal pool composition of commercial electric vehicles in V2G fleet operation of various electricity markets

Benedikt Tepe, Jan Figgener, Stefan Englberger, Dirk Uwe Sauer, Andreas Jossen, Holger Hesse


SimSES: A holistic simulation framework for modeling and analyzing stationary energy storage systems

Marc Möller, Daniel Kucevic, Nils Collath, Anupam Parlikar, Petra Dotzauer, Benedikt Tepe, Stefan Englberger, Andreas Jossen, Holger Hesse

Team members
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Graner, Melina; M.Sc. +49 (89) 289 - 26967 Room: 1016 Portrait
Jablonski, Sammy; M.Sc. +49 (89) 289 - 26982 Room: 3004 Portrait
Schroeder, Benedikt; M.Sc. +49 (89) 289 - 26920 Room: 3004 Portrait
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Winner, Henry; M.Sc. +49 (89) 289 - 26983 Room: 3008 Portrait