Picture of Alexander Karger

Alexander Karger, M.Sc.

  • Study of aerospace engineering at the University of Stuttgart (B.Sc.) and the TU Munich (M.Sc.)
  • Master thesis in cooperation with TWAICE Technologies GmbH: "On-Line Detection of Lithium Plating in Lithium-Ion Batteries"
  • Internship at Porsche AG and working student activities at GE Aviation and TWAICE Technologies GmbH


Research Interests
  • Modeling and ageing of electrochemical energy storage systems


Team affilation


  • Alexander Karger, Leo Wildfeuer, Andreas Jossen: Using degradation modes for large-scale capacity and power fade diagnostics. Kraftwerk Batterie 2022 more…
  • Alexander Karger, Leo Wildfeuer, Deniz Aygül, Arpit Maheshwari, Jan P. Singer, Andreas Jossen: Modeling capacity fade of lithium-ion batteries during dynamic cycling considering path dependence. Journal of Energy Storage 52, 2022, 104718 more…
  • Leo Wildfeuer, Nikolaos Wassiliadis, Alexander Karger, Fabian Bauer, Markus Lienkamp: Teardown analysis and characterization of a commercial lithium-ion battery for advanced algorithms in battery electric vehicles. Journal of Energy Storage 48, 2022, 103909 more…