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Santiago Martin Cornejo Vorbeck, M.Sc.

  • Studies of electrical engineering and information technology at TU Munich with focus on power engineering
  • Master‘s thesis at the Institute of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems: “A decentralized optimal power flow method for real-time applications in power distribution systems”
  • Working student at Siemens in the “Research group for Energy System Modeling”
Research Interests
  • Modeling and optimization of stationary battery energy storage systems.
  • Battery digital-twin models based on field data.
  • Combination of model-driven and data-driven methods.


Project affiliation


Team affiliation

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  • Martin Cornejo, Andreas Jossen: Bayesian Inference and Gaussian Process Regression for parameter estimation of a battery model from field data. Advanced Battery Power 2023 2023 more…
  • Nils Collath, Martin Cornejo, Veronika Engwerth, Holger Hesse, Andreas Jossen: Increasing the lifetime profitability of battery energy storage systems through aging aware operation. Applied Energy 348, 2023, 121531 more…