Integrally optimised and sustainable reservoir exploitation for deep geothermal systems in the Bavarian Molasse basin  – Development of a 50 MWel power plant and exploitation of 400 MWth for district heating in Munich

Objective of the project “GRAME” is the development of an integrally optimised and sustainable reservoir exploitation for deep geothermal systems in the Bavarian Molasse basin. With an extensively improved knowledge of the underground and therewith linked integrated exploitation scenarios, major projects for power generation up to 50 MWel and heat generation up to 400 MWth per field of examination shall be enabled. In this project the hydrothermal reservoir of a city shall be explored in one linked development concept with the extensive 3D seismic for the first time. The seismic data collection and evaluation, using the latest methods, shall serve the optimisation of the geothermal heat exploitation for a long-term sustainable heat supply of Munich in a largely developed heating network. With this project it shall be shown for the south of Munich, how the potential of hydro geothermal energy in the Bavarian Molasse basin can be used more efficiently. Thereby a significant contribution to the CO2 reduction in Germany can be achieved.

Work packages TUM

  • Flexible, medium scale ORC systems for geothermal applications:
    Promising power plant concepts within a medium power range and a flexible temperature range are developed. Objective is a standardised ORC product, which can adapt to different discoveries in the Bavarian Molasse basin.
  • Combined heat and power generation:
    While for pure heating projects the demand is regulated by the power of the feed pump, the power production for CHP plants is limited to the use of excess heat. By different interconnections or integration of the heat extraction more or less flexibility can be achieved.  
  • Feedback to existing CHP plants:
    The SWM area is supplied by two large CHP plants. The two fossil, conventional power plants can be operated economically due to their heat extraction. A heat supply, which is based mainly on geothermal energy, will affect the plant operation significantly. These consequences are estimated by a model.
  • Strategies for maintaining the security of supply:
    The security of supply with heat and power is essential and has to be ensured at all times. Through the pursued strategy of several production wells, a certain redundancy regarding the heat supply can be achieved. For peak load and power supply, new concepts are necessary. Therefor mathematic methods shall be used.


  • Stadtwerke München (SWM) Services GmbH
  • Erdwerk GmbH
  • Leibniz-Institut für Angewandte Geophysik (LIAG)
  • Geophysik und Geotechnik Leipzig (GGL) GmbH 

Contact: Christoph Wieland