Energy Valley Bavaria - Improvement of the control strategy for lignite- and gas-fired steam generators


The "Energiewende" in Germany leads to increased demands on the dynamics of steam power plants. Due to the growing share of renewable energies in the electricity market, bottlenecks arise in the control power markets. Especially in peak times of renewable generation, there are only a few conventional plants available for the supply of control power. In order to meet the requirements of the future, lignite-fired and gas-fired power plants designed for base-load operation will therefore have to provide more system services in future. This applies in particular to plants that are assigned to the "thermal must-run" due to additional heat production. This requires optimised control behaviour and outstanding system stability even in partial load operation. Dynamic simulation can be used to represent existing power plants, including their control technology, so that the dynamic behaviour of real plants can be investigated. The aim of the work is a detailed representation of the dynamic behaviour of a power plant block in a power plant simulator and the use of this simulator to develop measures to increase the control quality and the ability to provide control power, especially in the partial load range. 

Contact Person:

Moritz Westermeier, Pouya Mahdavipour