Exhaust gas analysis

Type: ecom-KD

Transportable measurement system for combustion facilities makes continual emission measurement possible.

  • Measurement types: O2, CO, NOx (NO2, NO) and SO2; T-Gas, T-Raum and T-Drag + 5 additional temperature inputs + 2 universal measurement inputs
  • Automatic measuring mode for long term measurements
  • Data transfer over an RS 232 interface on a PC
  • Evaluation and graphic presentation of the data with manufacturer-specific software
Measured variable Range Principle
O2 0...21 Vol. % electrochemical
CO 0...4000 ppm electrochemical
NO 0...4000 ppm electrochemical
NO2 0...200 ppm electrochemical
NOx   calculated value
SO2 0...2000 ppm electrochemical
CO2   calculated value