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  • Studies of mechanical engineering at the TU Munich with specialisation on powertrain and simulation
  • Internship and bachelor thesis at BMW in body in white product and process planning
  • Master thesis: " Development of a parametric model for the mechanical simulation of Lithium-Ion-Batteries"
  • Development engineer at EDAG in E/E onboard network integration


Research Interests
  • Mechanical damage mechanisms (in particular shock and deformation) of Lithium-Ion-Batteries
  • Detection/diagnose methods and condition monitoring.


Team affilation


  • Markus Spielbauer, Jonas Soellner, Philipp Berg, Korbinian Koch, Peter Keil, Christian Rosenmüller, Oliver Bohlen, Andreas Jossen: Experimental investigation of the impact of mechanical deformation on aging, safety and electrical behavior of 18650 lithium-ion battery cells. Journal of Energy Storage 55, 2022, 105564 more…
  • Markus Spielbauer, Marco Steinhardt, Jan Singer, Andreas Aufschläger, Oliver Bohlen, Andreas Jossen: Influence of Breathing and Swelling on the Jelly-Roll Case Gap of Cylindrical Lithium-Ion Battery Cells. Batteries 9 (1), 2022, 6 more…


  • Marco Steinhardt, Elisabeth I. Gillich, Alexander Rheinfeld, Ludwig Kraft, Markus Spielbauer, Oliver Bohlen, Andreas Jossen: Low-effort determination of heat capacity and thermal conductivity for cylindrical 18650 and 21700 lithium-ion cells. Journal of Energy Storage, 2021 more…
  • Markus Spielbauer, Philipp Berg, Jonas Soellner, Julia Peters, Florian Schaeufl, Christian Rosenmüller, OliverBohlen, Andreas Jossen: Experimental investigation of the failure mechanism of 18650 lithium-ion batteries due to shock and drop. Journal of Energy Storage 43, 2021, 103213 more…


  • Phillip Berg, Markus Spielbauer, Michael Tillinger, Matthias Merkel, Maik Schoenfuss, Oliver Bohlen, Andreas Jossen: Durability of lithium-ion 18650 cells under random vibration load with respect to the inner cell design. Journal of Energy Storage 31, 2020, 101499 more…


  • Markus Spielbauer, Philipp Berg, Michael Ringat, Oliver Bohlen, Andreas Jossen: Experimental study of the impedance behavior of 18650 lithium-ion battery cells under deforming mechanical abuse. Journal of Energy Storage 26, 2019, 101039 more…