Biochemical Engineering (MW1044)

The fundamentals of biochemical engineering are summarized for students of (molecular) biotechnology. Moreover, lectures on the fundamentals of biochemical production technologies using enzymes and cells will be given (bioreaction engineering, downstream-processing, sterilisation and bioanalytics).



Course, each winter term
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  • Mass balances
  • energy balances
  • heat transfer
  • mass transport
  • fluid dynamics
  • enzymes (classification, kinetics, technical applications, immobilisation)
  • cells (growth, kinetics, reactors,  technical applications)
  • bioreactors (components, aseptic design)
  • sterilisation (methods, kinetics, heat transfer, aseptic design)
  • downstream-processing of bioproducts (cell separation, cell disruption, concentration, isolation, formulation)
  • bioanalytics