Presentations, outcomes and events at the Chair of Biochemical Engineering are listed below:

Conferences 2023

  • Himmelfahrtstagung on Bioprocess Engineering 2023
    (May 15-17, 2023, Weimar)
    Lukas Bromig: Connectivity in the lab: How IoT technology and cloud-enabled digitalization can speed up R&D in industrial biotechnology.
    Andreas Reichert: Light controlled affinity chromatography enables rapid antibody purification with drastically reduced buffer consumption.
    Manh Dat Hoang, Anna-Lena Heins: Exposure of an Escherichia coli quadruple reporter strain to limitation zones in a two-compartment bioreactor with a coiled flow inverter for population heterogeneity studies.

  • PEGS Boston 2023
    (May 15-19, 2023, Boston, USA)
    Brigitte Walla: Rational crystal contact engineering as a tool for enhancing preparative protein crystallization.