Presentations, outcomes and events at the Chair of Biochemical Engineering are listed below:

Call accepted

Dr. Anna-Lena Heins, previously head of the junior research group on Population Heterogeneity in Industrial Bioprocesses at the Chair of Biochemical Engineering, has accepted her offer to the full professorship in Bioprocess Engineering at the TU Hamburg and will take over the director’s position of the Institute of Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering at the beginning of the winter semester 2023/24. Congratulations!

Conferences 2023

  • Himmelfahrtstagung on Bioprocess Engineering 2023
    (May 15-17, 2023, Weimar)
    Lukas Bromig: Connectivity in the lab: How IoT technology and cloud-enabled digitalization can speed up R&D in industrial biotechnology.
    Andreas Reichert: Light controlled affinity chromatography enables rapid antibody purification with drastically reduced buffer consumption.
    Anna-Lena Heins: Exposure of an Escherichia coli quadruple reporter strain to limitation zones in a two-compartment bioreactor with a coiled flow inverter for population heterogeneity studies.

  • PEGS Boston 2023
    (May 15-19, 2023, Boston, USA)
    Brigitte Walla: Rational crystal contact engineering as a tool for enhancing preparative protein crystallization.

  • 7th European Congress of Applied Biotechnology (ECAB 2023)
    (September 17-21, 2023, Berlin)
    Daniel Caballero: Improvement of the fermentative cysteine production process with recombinant Escherichia coli via in-vivo Metabolic Control Analysis.
    Melanie Knesebeck: One-pot enzyme synthesis by recombinant Aspergillus niger in solid-state fermentation and hydrolysis of sugar beet press pulp to obtain the sugar monomers.
    Fabian Mittermeier: Co-cultivation of filamentous fungi for the production of adapted enzyme mixtures for the hydrolysis of wheat bran.
    Irina Schwarz: Bio-electrochemical CO2 conversion into organic products using precious-metal free electrocatalysts
    Anna-Lena Thurn: Photoautotrophic co-cultivation of marine microalgae strains for the simultaneous production of omega-3-fatty acids
    Julian Mentges: Combing experimental and computational crystal contact engineering strategies to enhance protein crystallization

    (September 20-22, 2023, Tokyo, Japan)
    Daniel Bischoff: Unifying rational protein crystal contact engineering strategies: Computational approach using Molecular Dynamics simulation.
    Brigitte Walla: Recent advances in the preparative crystallization of proteins by rational crystal contact engineering.

  • Conference DFG priority programs eBiotech & InterZell
    (6.-7. November 2023, Jena)
    Veronika Burgmaier, Andreas Abstreiter: Synthetic coculture of Clostridia for medium chain alcohol production from CO.
    Irina Schwarz, Arielle Rieck: Valorization of carbon dioxide by electrocalalytical reduction coupled to acetogens.
    Prasika Arulrajah, Lucas Hermann: Population heterogeneity during L-phenylalanine production with Escherichia coli.
    Anna Stock, Kira Baur: Carbon dioxide based production of caproic acid applying a synthetic coculture.