M.Sc. Irina Schwarz

Graduate research assistant

Technical University of Munich
TUM School of Engineering and Design
Department of Energy and Process Engineering
Chair of Biochemical Engineering
Boltzmannstr. 15
85748 Garching

phone: +
fax: +
room: 3441
e-mail: irina.schwarz@tum.de


Studies 2014 – 2018 Molecular Biotechnology (Bachelor), TUM
Bachelor's Thesis 2017 Chair of Biomolecular NMR spectroscopy, TUM:
"Structural characterization of a multidomain splicing factor: expression, purification and NMR analysis"
Research internship 2018 Chair of Synthetic Biotechnology, TUM:
characterization of oily yeast
Studies 2018 – 2020 Industrial Biotechnology (Master), TUM
Research assistant 2018 – 2019 Chair of Synthetic Biotechnology, TUM
Student trainee 2019 - 2020 ZETA GmbH, Freising:
Design document creation for biopharmaceutical plant engineering with CAE system SIEMENS COMOS
Master's Thesis 2020 Professorship for Systems Biotechnologiy, TUM:
"Pseudomonas putida and metabolic burden: heterologous gene expression under variation of antibiotic selection markers and antibiotic concentration"
Graduate research assistant since 2021 Chair of Biochemical Engineering, TUM
(Bioelectrocatalysis with acetogenic microorganisms)