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HiWi in Laboratory Automation

A temporary position for research assistants is now available at the Chair of Bioprocess Engineering at the Technical University of Munich.

We work on hardware integration using state-of-the-art industry standards in laboratory automation. At the moment we are upgrading our laboratory with the goal of full automation. We use the SiLA 2 standard to integrate hardware devices into our IoT control software.

We expect some programming experience, ideally in Python, Java, C# or Javascript/Typescript and/or interest in software engineering and cloud applications. We work solely on open-source projects.

We also offer interdisciplinary projects for computer science students.

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Interdisciplinary Project (IDP)

The SiLA 2 Manager is an IoT application that enables researchers and developpers in academia and industry to automate and digitize their laboratory infrastructure. The software is hosted on GitLab as an open-source project and has a growing community. The SiLA 2 standard isused to communicate with devices from the cloud or the local network. The software is based on a python backend and an angular frontend. Workflows are executed in isolated docker containers.

The software is actively developped and expanded. We are looking for students (HiWi/MA/SA/IDP) that are interested in software engineering, cloud applications, automation or laboratory hardware. We expect some experience python, typescript, java, c# or in software engineering in general.

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