Whole-cell biocatalysis with recombinant Gluconobacter oxydans strains

Christian Burger, doctoral thesis Technical University of Munich, 2019

Multideletion strains of Gluconobacter oxydans expressing selected membrane integrated dehydrogenases were characterized in controlled stirred-tank bioreactors with respect to the single-step oxidation from meso-erythritol to L-erythrulose and the two-step oxidation from glucose to 5-ketogluconate. High product concentrations (> 240 g L 1) and space-time yields were thus achieved by applying resting cells of Gluconobacter oxydans at complete substrate conversion in simple batch processes.


  • Burger C, Kessler C, Gruber S, Ehrenreich A, Liebl W, Weuster-Botz D (2019): L-erythrulose production with a multideletion strain of Gluconobacter oxydans. Appl Microbiol Biotechnol 103: 4393–4404.