Asymmetric syntheses with phototrophic microorganisms

Jan Havel, doctoral thesis Technische Universität München, 2006

Chiral alcohols are important intermediates for the production of optically active ingredients. Their biosynthesis can easily be achieved by stereoselective reduction of prochiral ketones. Phototrophic microorganisms have the essential enzymes for these reductions but they were so far not technically applied due to the necessity of light addition. The scope of this thesis was the investigation and characterisation of the potential of cyanobacteria for asymmetric synthesis. Especially halogenated ketones were found to be converted with high stereoselectivity to their corresponding chiral alcohols. Another important finding was the ability of these phototrophic microorganisms to perform asymmetric syntheses without the addition of light. This made the technical application of cyanobacteria feasible for asymmetric synthesis. The corresponding oxidoreductase was isolated and identified on the example of a selected cyanobacterium.


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