Professorship for Systems Biotechnology

The professorship for Systems Biotechnology focusses on application of systems biology methods and techniques in a biotechnological context. Over the past years, systems biology has established itself as an interdisciplinary field of research and combines mathematical/theoretical approaches with experimental methods.

Apart from the optimization of the entire biotechnological process, a better understanding of cellular processes is a central theme in our research projects. The model organisms Pseudomonas putida, Escherichia coli and Synechococcus elongatus are our bacterial hosts of choice, since they all posses a great potential for biotechnological application.

The methodical focus of the department is the development of meaningful mathematical models that not only aid in describing cell behaviour, but also indicate strategies to specifically influence cell behaviour. This requires powerfull models with a high prediction-potential. To construct and validate these models, experimental data of different cellular scales (metabolism, gene expression and signal transduction) are merged with process data. The experimental research of this department is conducted in a S1-Laboratory that is well equipped with tools for molecular and microbial experimental methods, as well as a variety of analysis possibilities. In the neighbouring room, there are working spots for the students.

Students who are interested at performing a thesis at the professorship, can find information on the page Research.

For information on our lectures, please visit the Course page.
The professorship is involved in the Master Program Industrial Biotechnology.


Course book for Systems Biology

Andreas Kremling


Published: November 12, 2013 by Chapman and Hall/CRC

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