The Systems Biotechnology Lab

The laboratories of the Systemsbiotechnology group (SBT) are equipped for cloning and cultivation of bacteria. Our laboratory area is shared with the chair of Bioseparation Engineering and comprises two S1-certified laboratories with a total of 6 bench places for SBT-members. Our experimental work focuses on synthetic biology and metabolic engineering  (see our research projects).

  • S1-Molecular laboratory (Analytikum, 74 m²)
  • S1-Cultivation laboratory (Technikum, 64 m²)
  • Microscopy room (23 m²)
  • Autoclave room (35 m²)
  • Student room (26 m²)

The S1-laboratories are equipped with a benchtop centrifuge, two  microcentrifuges,  a photometer, two thermal cyclers, a microplate reader, HPLC, a flow cytometer, gel documentation instruments, as well as electrophoresis and pH-meter stations. Our infrastructure also includes a bioreactor, four fume hoods, one sterile bench, and various shaking and non-shaking incubators. We have several refrigerators and freezers for sample storage and an independent -20°C freezer for storage of enzymes, PCR and cloning reagents. Close to the S1-laboratories lies the microscopy room, which also serves as a darkroom for gel extractions.

We use Microsoft Teams to communicate lab organisation topics and to book instruments. We use Benchling to design primers and genetic modifications and to share research relevant resources.

We have two desks available for students (Hof 4, 2.OG) for data analysis and thesis writing. A student room with 3 bench places for SBT-students is also available. The autoclave room comprises an autoclave, a dishwasher and two drying cabinets. Students are involved in the cleaning duties of laboratory material and correct disposal of S1- biological waste under supervision of doctoral candidates.

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