In the table below, you can find the current research projects that are available for students.

If you are interested in one or more of our research themes, you can also directly contact the projects supervisors to discuss the possibilities of conducting a research project at our professorship. The project supervisors can be found at the webpage of the specific projects. *It is possible to conduct research at our professorship in the context of Erasmus grants*

Titel MA BA SA HW Exp The Date of entry

In silico Analysis of Bioplastic synthesis with Pseudomonas putida

   x    x    -    -    -     x 29.09.2021
Process-establishment in a 9-fold parallelreactor for the production of bioplastic from light and CO2    x    x    -    -    x     - 10.05.2021
Metabolic burden in Pseudomonas putida: Heterologous protein production of VioBeGP    x    x    -    -    x     -


Genetic Engineering for the Quantification of Amino Acid Synthesis Cost in Pseudomonas putida   x   x   x    -    x    - 03.05.2021


For theoretical theses / research projects, Prof. A. Kremling can be contacted directly.

MA = Masterthesis
BA = Bachelorthesis
SA = Research internship
HW = Working student
Exp = Experimental
The = Theoretical