Mörtenkötter, Hendrik, M.Sc. (RWTH)

Chair of Energy Systems
Boltzmannstrasse 15
85748 Garching

Room: 3726

Phone: (089) 289 16264
Fax: (089) 289 16271
Email: h.moertenkoetter@tum.de

Office hours

by appointment

Main research

  • Reduction of fine dust and deposition through additives in biomass combustion


  • 4
    Mörtenkötter, Hendrik; Grünwald, Dominik; Fendt, Sebastian; Spliethoff, Hartmut: Validation of Electrothermal Vaporization for the Analysis of Biomass Samples and Comparison with Other Methods of Analysis. Waste and Biomass Valorization, 2023 more…
  • 3
    Mörtenkötter, H.; Padovan, V.; Fendt, S.; Spliethoff, H.: Experimental Investigation of Mineral Sorbents for Alkali Removal during the Combustion of Solid Biomass. 13TH EUROPEAN CONFERENCE ON INDUSTRIAL FURNACES AND BOILERS (INFUB-13), 2022 more…
  • 2
    Nowak Delgado, R.; Mörtenkötter, H.; Fendt, S.; Spliethoff, H.: Sampling of Fine Particles (PM2.5) in a Pilot Scale Swirl Burner Test Rig Combusting Torrefied Wood with Coal Fly Ash and Kaolin. 53. Kraftwerkstechni­sches Kolloquium 2021 more…
  • 1
    Mörtenkötter, H.; Fendt, S.; Spliethoff, H.: Temperature-resolved Experimental Investigation of the Alkali Release during the Combustion of Solid Biomass. European Biomass Conference & Exhibition, 2021 more…